Property CGI

Armed with only 2D images of your property or event space, it can be difficult to paint your clients a complete picture of what you have to offer.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of CGI packages from 3D animations to VR tours and 360° panoramic views. You can offer a fully immersive experience, without ever needing to arrange an in-person visit. This gives you the freedom to showcase a complete 3D architectural visualisation for your clients to explore, even before the first brick is laid.

Make use of our interactive rendering features like flooring, furniture, fixtures and fittings, and play around with multiple design elements before you commit to a plan. All of your hyper-realistic content can be shared and accessed through web pages and social media — or we can even build you a bespoke app for your purposes.

Property CGI is also a great way to showcase your spaces for people who may not be able to take a physical tour.


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