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STANDING out while fitting in. If you’re in the office, shopping or hotel fitting business, it can be as much about setting yourself apart from the rest as it is ensuring everything fits perfectly.

Offering something extra or eye catching can be the clincher and when you throw in that extra layer of gold dust for free, it can often close the deal.  If you are fitting out a new office, shop or hotel, commissioning a final 360 virtual tour can hammer home the difference between you and other competitors.  

A virtual tour adds an attractive veneer of professionalism to your operation. You can use it to showcase your work at exhibitions and trade shows and it can really, well, open doors for you (with brass knobs on and all!)

It gives your potential clients an immersive experience of your work, but also serves as a practical purpose of showing how you ironed out any problems during the project.  They also allow you to highlight to customers all the unique features that you have incorporated into the project


But how can a 360 virtual tour allow you to provide the irresistible extra for a customer?  

Well, you can include your tour as part of the final package to the customer – BUT we would deliver there version for no extra charge and would edit towards their specific requirements.  

Your client will be able to showcase their new look across the world and will quickly realise the pull a virtual tour has across their industry.

  • It can be posted on social media to give would-be customers a glimpse of what’s on offer.
  • It can help with recruitment with HR teams able to provide potential staff with a detailed look at their new surroundings.  
  • And it can really put their business on the map – literally. A 360 virtual tour shared on Google Street View can have customers beating a path to their door.  

So when a client is looking for the perfect fit for their new hotel, shop or office facility, you’ll be able to give them a different view of what you can offer. Conceive, create and show.

How’s that for standing out while fitting in.

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