Google Street View vs Matterport Immersive 3D Walkthrough Tour

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Google Street View launched back in 2007 and over the last 10 years has added various new features to this globally recognised tool. It is a great way to boost your visibility on search engines, but does still have its limits.

Demand for 3D has increased 3x year on year. More and more businesses are reaping the benefits of standing out in the market by having something better than 2D photography to offer their clients. Matterport 3D Walkthrough technology is the very best way to let visitors virtually investigate your location on your website. With the ability to easily move between ‘floorplan’ and ‘dolls house’ views with the click of a button, the 3D Walkthrough is an online experience that lets users explore a location from every angle.

Theatre by the Lake in Keswick, Cumbria has been shot by both Google Street View and The 360 View using Matterport Immersive 3D technology




Google Maps view

Don’t want to choose between Google and Matterport? Now you don’t have to!

Google now has a partnership with Matterport, launching the next generation of Street View tours. These will integrate panoramic images with 3D geometry data to create tours with a higher level of realism on desktop and in virtual reality. This means that you no longer need to choose between the immersive Matterport experience and the search engine benefits provided by Google Street View – you are getting the absolute best of both worlds.

As Google welcomes new technology like virtual reality, this ‘best of both worlds’ opportunity is really something for businesses to embrace.

Access gained through Google Street View will not only enhance visibility for your business, it may well attract new and different types of clients that may not have come across your services before. Ultimately, this partnership opens up a vast world of opportunity for both businesses and users alike.  

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