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If you were to go along to any trade show or exhibition space in the next week, you would almost definitely see someone with a VR headset strapped over their head. This may well be someone virtually exploring a new product launch or similar… but should you, as an organiser of one of these events, be documenting your own space?

The 360 View recently worked with the team behind Vision London – a two day annual exhibition event aimed exclusively at architects, designers, specifiers and their clients working on live projects in the commercial, health, education and retail sector. The fully immersive walkthrough tour that we have produced can be viewed here:

From an organisers perspective, the opportunities through having a virtual tour of your event space are vast… where to start?

Virtual tours are created with their own unique URL. This makes the tour of your space easy to share with senior colleagues if they are not able to attend the show. It gives them a realistic view of the floor / stand layout and provides perspective for the positioning of each element.

Everyone likes to show off a little sometimes, right?! Having a virtual tour of your exhibition space will put you above your competition in what you can offer potential exhibitors.

Whilst some people are able to imagine what a 3D space might look like, nothing beats a virtual tour when it comes to planning for future exhibitions. Being able to ‘walk round corners’ will make visualising subsequent events much less stressful.

The mattertags option included within the virtual tour allows you to include any information you like at any point of the tour. This could include stand dimensions, descriptions of exhibitors and where to find food and drink, as well as URLs linking to event programme information and talk schedules.

When seeking new leads for 2018, you will be able to engage with a global audience through sharing the URL of your virtual tour on both your website and social media pages. When contacting potential exhibitors via email, you will be able to include the tour link as proof of all the great things you’ve told them about your event space. People around the world will be able to explore your 2017 event as if they were really there, with more chance of you winning new business through the extra level of transparency provided by the virtual tour.

It is said, that from a customer viewpoint, businesses with a virtual tour are twice as likely to have customers interested in visiting. Providing them with an immersive experience gives them unprecedented confidence that your amenities and content will easily meet their expectations.

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