The New Age of Discovery

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CENTURIES ago, travelling was all about discovery. Big ships stumbled upon new worlds and cultures and, well, the rest is history. Nowadays, travelling doesn’t always have to carry that element of surprise, especially when you have small children and realise too late that the sleepy little Mediterranean town you’ve decided to holiday in doesn’t have a play park or much else to entertain the little ones. Let’s face it, happy children lead to happy parents (with the aid of the odd pina colada or two).

Travellers will still want to carry an exploratory spirit with them but modern holidaymakers also like to pack some useful prior knowledge along with their suncream.

In an unique partnership, the 360 View have teamed up with family travel blog Here We Go Again to allow hotels and resorts the chance to showcase their destinations to clued-up parents.

Families are much more tuned in to what they want from a family holiday and want to maximise their time away from the daily grind. That’s why they will put as much research into a holiday as they might put into a crucial work presentation (perhaps even more!).

Here We Go Again gives parents a refreshing first-hand account of travelling with children across Europe and uncovers little family-friendly gems closer to home in the UK.

Blog founders Ollie and Ula provide unique insights, indispensable tips and bright, quality photographs in documenting their travels.

With the link-up with the 360 View, however, they will be able to provide their readers with more immersive experiences.

“ We will be able to  provide hotels and resorts the chance to showcase the best they have to offer through our well-placed social accounts & blog. BUT at  the same time we can also deliver a  virtual reality tour with the 360 View” says Ollie

Having that tour integrated into the Here We Go Again blog, potential holiday hotspots can really maximise their reach and credibility.

The Here We Go Again blog is an honest and trusted account of the joys and pitfalls of travelling with small families. It is written for parents by parents and this kind of peer to peer platform can provide excellent opportunities for destinations to gain in depth and exposure.

Not only will the blog feature the useful information about various destinations, but thanks to the 360 View hook up, it can also contain stunning visual content, such as VR tours and striking images which are perfect for Instagram and Snapchat.

Dive right in thanks to 360 View and Here We Go Again.


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