Facilities Management

It’s time to revolutionise the Facilities Management sector, through 3D Scanning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms.

The 360 View is now working with a ‘first of its kind’ FM tech partner and, together, we can now give you total clarity on how our 360 Scan data allows you unrivalled measurement accuracy, specifications and cost savings.

What are the key benefits? 

  • By removing the inaccuracies of square meterage industry “guidelines”, where quotations are predominantly based on just type square footage, you get total accuracy on required specifications.
  • We use accurate scan data to remove un-required tasks and timings.
  • Allows easy adjustment of frequency, based solely on accurate output specification.
  • You get unprecedented insights into your cleaning contract, to benchmark contract pricing and output service levels.
  • Minimise unfair deposit deductions at point of current lease expiry, as by having a 360 scan of the office you are in a much stronger position to argue your case against unjust penalties.

There’s also 2 great marketing and HR benefits too!

  • The 360 Tour can easily be embedded online and is a great tool for on-boarding new staff/clients.
  • It’s a fantastic platform to showcase your company’s growth, to reinforce your reputation with existing clients, whilst impressing your most recent client wins! 
Within months of working with one client, they saw a cost savings of up to 60% on FM contracts!

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